How to turn a casual visitor into a regular restaurant guest

How to beat a client in 10 minutes and turn him into a regular guest of your restaurant, cafe, bar?
Elementary, Watson!
You just need to be able to determine the type of person and choose the right style of communication with him by appearance and behavior.
You will say: yes, it is understandable, but what exactly should be emphasized?
Keep a checklist “How to make a guest portrait”:
1. The basis of the portrait:
Gender, age, appearance – this is what can be seen from the first minutes of acquaintance. Sometimes you can immediately learn about hobbies, favorite activities.
2. Sketches:
By the way the guest chooses a table and makes an order it is easy to learn about his behavior, mood, and choose the style of communication with him.
Notice why, in fact, he looked to you: for a business lunch, a romantic dinner, a family celebration or it’s just a meeting with friends?
If the guest came to a business lunch – it is limited in time, and therefore will assess the speed and attentiveness of the staff.
For a romantic dinner, arrange a secluded environment and a measured service.
3. Finishing touches:
Show that you are interested in customers and you are sincerely interested in communicating with them. Guests in response relax, reduce the degree of criticality, imbued with sympathy and desire to talk.
People like to talk about themselves and appreciate those who can listen. Further, in personal communication, you can learn everything that constitutes the person’s personality: nationality, place of work, residence, social status, solvency, marital status.
That’s it, the guest’s portrait is ready.
It remains only to choose a model of service that corresponds to his expectations, establish a trusting contact and turn the visitor into a permanent guest of your restaurant, cafe, bar…
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