How to drink wine in the summer. Top 4 Questions

Alcohol in the heat? Horror! So say ordinary people, far from enogastronomic culture. But we in our closed club of true connoisseurs and gourmets know that for good wine there is no inappropriate time of year or air temperature.
How to drink wine in the summer, top 4 questions:
1️⃣ What wines to drink in the heat?
Light sparkling white or pink.
2️⃣ How to cool the wine correctly?
We recommend cooling the glass by pouring ice into it and removing it before pouring the wine. Or place a moistened glass in the freezer.
You can put the bottle in the freezer, but not more than for 15-20 minutes. For faster results, wrap it with a damp towel.
Another option is to put the bottle in a bucket of ice. The bottle will cool faster if you add 2-3 tablespoons of salt to the bucket.
3️⃣ How to serve wine correctly?
The main and important rule, which should not be neglected: the wine must be of the correct temperature. If the temperature is higher than expected, the wine will become more aggressive in taste: coarse acidity will appear in white, hard tannins and caustic acidity will appear in red, and even alcoholism, which should not be at the correct serving temperature.
If the wine is overcooled, the result will also not be ideal: in white you will not feel almost anything – just an ice drink, red will become harder, coarser and sour.
Therefore, in an ideal wine world, the serving temperature is as follows: 4-6 ° C – sparkling wines; 10-12 ° C – white wines; 16-18 ° C – red wines.
4️⃣ Products that “kill” the taste of wine:
Pickles / marinades, mayonnaise / ketchup, chili peppers, asparagus, eggs, mushrooms, nuts, especially walnuts, in which there is a lot of bitter and astringent taste, chocolate – it has a very rich aroma and taste, plus sweetness, which will clog almost any wine, fruits and berries – both too sweet and too sour will come into conflict with wine.
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