Breakfasts in fashion

Remember how it used to be?
Traditional breakfast in France – coffee and croissants, in England – oatmeal, eggs, bacon, toast and tea, in the U.S. – omelette, sausages, pancakes, orange juice and coffee.
Now we have the Internet, delivery, travel opportunities and in general, tired of cooking at home!
Everything has changed and mixed: in the UK is becoming popular baking, in New York – vegan menus, in Japan now in the fashion of pancakes, and in Russia – breakfasts with eggs and cheeses: halumi, stracchino, strachatell, cheese.
In 2021, the trend for breakfasts outside the house is gaining momentum: to go to breakfast in an interesting place has become no less prestigious than to dine in a fashionable institution.
Go to the restaurant the old-fashioned way only for dinner or keep up with the times and already had breakfast in some interesting place?
Our website is not only a catalogue of restaurants, cafes, bars, which we select ourselves.
Restodar is created by ordinary people for ordinary people who like to eat deliciously and have a good time outside the house in an interesting place, for gourmets who love to try new things and collect gastronomic sensations.
Therefore, if you suddenly do not find on our website a restaurant, cafe, bar, about which you want to leave a review, just write to us and specify ratings for the kitchen, service, interior, location.
When this place appears on the site, we will transfer your review to the page of the restaurant, cafe, bar.
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