Best Wineries 2022

How to spend a few days by the sea not only in lazy idleness, but with benefit and new gastronomic impressions?
We recommend visiting the best wine farms in Russia. According to the guide 50 Best Tastes of Russia, the best wineries of Anapa in the Krasnodar Territory are recognized as the best in 2022.
3 destinations that are mandatory for gastronomic tourists:
1. Winery “Vineyards of Gai-Kodzor”:
Just 5 km from the Black Sea, near Anapa, near the old Armenian village of Gai-Kodzor, in the middle of the hilly terrain you will see the building of a winery in the high-tech style.
Grapes, from which local wines are made, ripen in a mountain valley with a mild climate, blown by the Black Sea North Coast.
We recommend tasting red and white wines from French grape varieties from the banks of the Rhone: red Grenache, Malbec, Senso, white Roussant, Chardonnay, Muscat or Semillon.
We liked the red Pinot Noir and the white Vionier…
2. Wine House “Milstream”:
They produce still, sparkling wines and premium wines, which are aged in the new French oak barricks. A significant part of the grapes is harvested by hand.
We took a couple of bottles: sauvignon blanc and merlot and rushed to drink, walk and take pictures (selfies came out great))).
3. Winery “Sikora Estate” between Anapa and Novorossiysk:
The most modern winery in Russia, equipped with French equipment, where there is everything, from spacious tasting rooms to a company store and a delicious restaurant.
There is a stunning terroir and a real winemaker from France works here. The wines are interesting. For summer, Cabernet Fran Rose or Riesling are perfect. Personally verified!
Where and with a glass of what wine are you going to admire the sea sunsets this summer?
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